"Buying books is immensely comforting. Maybe I won’t read them immediately, but they make me feel so much better whenever I’m sad and blue. Just their presence, it’s like having more to look forward to."
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actually going to die because of the cute

Oddly cool

if tumblr has taught me anything it’s that feminism and eyebrows are important

Who’s the cutest?

Who’s the cutest?

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On July 18 of 1969, as the world waited anxiously for Apollo 11 to land safely on the surface of the Moon, speechwriter William Safire imagined the worst case scenario as he expertly wrote the following sombre memo to President Nixon's Chief of Staff, H. R. Haldeman. Its contents: a contingency plan, in the form of a speech to be read out by Nixon should astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin become stranded on the Moon, never to return, followed by some brief instructions relating to its broadcast. Luckily for all those involved, the memo was never needed.

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A happy Marilyn Monroe photographed by her great friend Sam Shaw 

A happy Marilyn Monroe photographed by her great friend Sam Shaw